Budi Luhur Academy of Secretary Donations Handing to Help Earthquake Tsunami Victims in Palu and Donggala

On October 11, 2018 yesterday, the Budi Luhur Academy of Secretary donated aids for the Donggala Palu Earthquake Victims in the form of sanitary napkins. The assistance was collected from all Students and Management of Budi Luhur Academy and submitted through the Higher Education Service Institute (LLDikti) represented by Ms. Eny Retnoningrum, S.Kom., M.M as the Deputy of Student Affairs and Rismawati, a student of Budi Luhur Academy of Secretary. (more…)

Budi Luhur Academy of Secretary Student Seminar and Workshop 2018

Routine activities that are held annually for Prospective Graduates of Budi Luhur Academy of Secretary are Seminars and Workshops (Semiloka) for 2015 class students who have completed the final project. This year’s workshop was held on July 26, 2018 at the Budi Luhur Campus Theater Room. The seminar and workshop carried the theme “The Role of the Secretary in Realizing Excellent Service in the Industrial Age 4.0” by presenting Speaker Mr. Gatot Laharjo a Service Quality Trainer & Consultant. This event was also attended by Mr. Dr. Wendi Usino., M.Sc., M.M as Deputy Chancellor for Academic Affairs at Budi Luhur University, Ambassador Sunten Z Manurung as Director of Promotion and Cooperation of Budi Luhur University and other Budi Luhur University members. (more…)

Budi Luhur Academy of Secretary MICE Student Annual Activity Program “Millennials Diary”

On December 14, 2017, Students of Budi Luhur Academy of Secretary of Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Exhibition (MICE) concentration held an annual event with the theme of “Millennials Diary” lifestyle of young people today. The event was opened by Miss Fenti Sofiani, S.Pd., MM as the Director of Budi Luhur Academy of Secretary, attended also by lecturers and management Staff of Budi Luhur Academy of Secretary.


The event started with blood donor activities in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross, then the appearance of the Student Choir team of Budi Luhur Academy of Secretary. The festivity of this event was also filled with fashion show contest from the students of Budi Luhur Academy of Secretary and Budi Luhur University.   The long-awaited event is the Millennials Diary Seminar featuring speakers Ayudia Bing Slamet and Dito. The couple’s husband and the author of the book, Teman Tapi Menikah, talked about the lifestyle of today’s young people who use social media for everyday communication such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and YouTube etc. They also share the usefulness of social media in their daily life, where social media is a medium to provide information to all the fans in Indonesia and the business it runs using social media. At the end of the seminar, Ayu and Dito gave the opportunity to ask all the students of Budi Luhur t Academy of Secretary and other invitees.










Then the event continued with the appearance of modern dance by the students of Budi Luhur Academy of Secretary and KMM Budi Luhur, and before the end of the event, not forget also the gift awarding to the winner of fashion show contest and door prize winner at this event.








ASTRI Craft 2017

In celebrating Mother’s Day, the Student Association of Budi Luhur Academy of Secretary (Himastri) held an event entitled “Lovely December”. The activity was filled with making handicrafts from items that are not used by using flannel and other accessories to add the beauty of the unused goods into decoration items.

The activity aimed to improve students’ creativity as an application of entrepreneurship courses that have been acquired by students of Budi Luhur Academy of Secretary.