E-learning in Dealing with Prevention and Dissemination Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Policies

Salam Budi Luhur…….!!

The spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is increasingly widespread in Indonesia. Instruction of the President of the Republic of Indonesia recommends that all communities study, work and worship in their respective homes and the Circular Letter of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Number 3 of 2020 concerning Prevention of Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) in Education Units. Under those circumstances, acting Director of the Akademi Sekretari Budi Luhur issued Circular Letter Acting. Director Number: E / AST / DIR / 000/001/03/20 concerning Prevention of Corona Virus Disease Spread (Covid-19) at the Akademi Sekretari Budi Luhur Campus.


One of the details in the Circular Letter is to change the process of face-to-face lectures in the classroom and in the laboratory to e-learning using the Learning Management System (LMS) via https://elearning.budiluhur.ac.id. This activity is valid from March 16 to April 11 2020 and will be re-evaluated afterwards.


This e-learning is expected to keep students at home and study so as to reduce the risk of spreading Corona Virus (Covid-19) and lectures keep proceed in the even semester 2019/2020. Hopefully the Covid-19 pandemic will end soon and the academy can return to normal as usual. Ameen.

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