Beauty Day with ASTRI 2019 “The Beauty Comes to You”

Salam Budi Luhur…….!!

The Student Senate and The Student Association Akademi Sekretari Budi Luhur (Himastri) organized the Beauty Day with ASTRI 2019 with the theme “The Beauty Comes To You” on Thursday, November 21, 2019. This activity was held in the Budi Luhur Theatre Room. The speaker of this activity was Mr. Bryan David Emil Tilaar as President Director of PT. Martina Bento, Tbk.


The opening ceremony began with singing along Indonesia Raya and Mars Budi Luhur, the next agenda was the remarks of Siti Zahra Anugrah (Student class of 2017) as the Chairperson of the Beauty Day ASTRI 2019 and the remarks from Ms. Fenti Sofiani, S.Pd., MM as the Director. This event was also attended by Dr. Goenawan Brotosaputro, S. Kom., M.Sc. as The Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs, Mr. AMB Sunten Z Manurung, S.H. as the Director of Cooperation, Mr. Dr. Deni Mahdiana, M.M., M.Kom. as the Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, Dr. Nawirah Vera, S.Sos., M.Sc. as the Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences as well as all the Lecturers and Staff of the Akademi Sekretari Budi Luhur.


Mr. Bryan David Emil Tilaar as the main speaker in this activity provided knowledge on how to grow the spirit of entrepreneurship in us to face global economic competition. The session closed with questions from seminar participants and the awarding of Sariayu Martha Tilaar products to 3 questioners.



Betawi dance performance by Sechan Rizka Dira, Dea Aunilah, Ade Rianti, and Elfish Kishinta as well as a solo performance from Clarita (Class of 2019 Students) entertained the attendees. Then, the event was proceeded with a demo of making Herbal Drinks from the Puspita Martha Team and the practice of “Be Flawless Be You” makeup, guided by Mr. Power (Make Up Artist) with a model chosen from one of the participants, Titania (Student Class of 2018). The participants were very enthusiastic about following the instructions and directions on how to apply makeup properly, in this session the participants were taught how to clean makeup properly and use makeup according to skin type and skin colour. The series of events concluded with an appearance by Agung & Friend who sang several songs acoustically.


Hopefully this activity can be useful and inspire the students of the Akademi Sekretari Budi Luhur to add, develop, and complete abilities in a good weight when interacting with others (soft skills) and performing according to the needs of the event (hard skills) to achieve success in the future. Aamiin.

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