ASTRI FAIR 2019 “Exposing The Real You”

Salam Budi Luhur..!!

Student Organization Association of the Akademi Sekretaris Budi Luhur (Himastri) held an annual activity of ASTRI Fair 2019. It was held for two days, on October 22-23, 2019. ASTRI Fair 2019 this time took the theme “Exposing the Real You”. The first day’s activities were held by the Akademi Sekretaris Budi Luhur’s students and the second day’s activities were seminars, announcement of the winners and closing of the event.


The series of activities of the 2019 ASTRI Fair began with a competition, namely a Public Speaking competition (for the 2019 class), Essay Writing (for the 2018 class), and Paper Travel Management (for the 2017 class). The jury for the Public Speaking competition was Mrs. Saskia Lydiani, S.Pd., M.Sc., while the jury for the Essay Writing competition was Mr. Rizky Eka Prasetya, M.Hum. and the jury for the Paper Travel Management competition was Ms. Lis Torisa Utami, S.E., M.M. From all the competitions, the participants were very enthusiastic in participating.

The ASTRI Fair 2019 activity was continued by the seminar on the second day. The event began with the opening by the MCs, Lidya Christiani and Ardelia Bunga Larasanty (class of 2018 students), followed by singing Indonesia Raya and Mars Budi Luhur. The event was officially opened by the chair of the 2019 ASTRI Fair committee namely Fitriani Dewi Mariska (student class of 2018) and Ms. Fenti Sofiani, S.Pd., M.M as The Director of the Akademi Sekretaris Budi Luhur.


The speaker at the seminar this time was Indah Sundari Jayanti, M.Psi (a Psychologist, Presenter, and Model) and moderated by Bianca Mariza (class of 2018 students). The speaker delivered material related to the theme of the seminar “Exposing the Real You” in terms of psychology by explaining how we should know ourselves better without having to equate or compare with others’ abilities or achievements so that we can become more confident individuals without being influenced from other people. The speaker also motivated the participants how to develop the potential that is in themselves for the world of work later on so that it can become a provision for students as candidates for secretaries in the future.


The event was enlivened by entertainment by the Akademi Sekretari Budi Luhur Choir, Clarita Anastya Artjius (class 2019 student), traditional Jaipong Dance (UKM Dance, student class 2019) and guest star performances from the students of Universitas Budi Luhur Yudo and Faras. At the end of the event, it was announced the winners of all the competitions that had been carried out on the first day. The Public Speaking Competition was won by Sudiarti Sirait (First Place) and Clarita Anastya Artjius (Second Place), Essay Writing was won by Tiphara Gloria Grady (First Place) and Suci Ariesta Andyani (Second Place), and the Paper Travel Management Competition was won by Avifa Salsabilla Rusdiana (First Place) and Ajrina Mahjati Palupi (Second Place).


Thank you to the committee who have successfully organized this activity and congratulations to the students who succeeded in becoming champions of the competition. Hopefully this activity can provide experience and add insight to the participants in “Exposing the Real You” and get to know their own potential so that it further increases their confidence.

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