Akademi Sekretari Budi Luhur’s Community Service Period 1 at SDN Kreo 03

On April 1, 2019, the Akademi Sekretari Budi Luhur’s students carried out Community Service (PKM) activities at SDN Kreo 03 Tangerang. This activity was one of the programs of the Student of Akademi Sekretari Budi Luhur class 2019-2020. The instructors and speakers came from 15 students of the Akademi Sekretari Budi Luhur by dividing 3 groups of topics and materials. The materials were training office recycling equipment, training on the introduction of office equipment in English, and training in developing creativity in making time tables.



The PKM participants were students of SDN 03 Tangerang accompanied by a companion teacher namely Mrs. Hj. Maisuroh S.Pd, Rubiyana’s mother. R, S.Pd, and Mrs. Rita Ernawati S.Pd. This activity was carried out enthusiastically for the participants and they gave many questions to the speaker or instructor. Students of Akademi Sekretari Budi Luhur provided simple material so that it is easy for students to understand. At the end of the training session, participants gave gifts for SDN’s students who could answer the questions.


PKM activities facilitated the potential of Akademi Sekretari Budi Luhur students to study, develop, and apply the knowledge and technology that they have learned in lectures to the wider community in this case the students of SDN 03 Tangerang. The benefits of this activity for students of Akademi Sekretari Budi Luhur are to give an opportunity to share their knowledge about the world of administration and secretaries, while for students of SDN 03 to get additional knowledge in the field of administration and secretary from an early age.

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