Speech Contest and Essay Writing for Students of Secretariat and Office Administration

Akademi Sekretari Budi Luhur held a series of competitions in the occasion of Budi Luhur’s 40-year Anniversary. The Speech Contest and Essay Writing competition activities are continued activities from the Astri Series Competition. This competition aims to increase the level of ability of students in English so that they can enhance their skills in using English as an international language for future prospective secretaries.

The activity was held on January 30, 2019. The competition also invited several campuses in the Jakarta and Tangerang regions. Participants consisted of 15 people from 5 specialized colleges of secretarial study programs and office administration. These universities include the Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Bina Sarana Informatika, Akademi Sekretari dan Manajemen Lepisi, Universitas Pamulang and Akademi Sekretari Budi Luhur.

The opening of the event was opened by Ms. Fenti Sofiani, S.Pd., M.M as the Director of the Academy at 09.00. Speech Contest became the first competition and continued with the Essay Writing Contest. All competitions were assessed through detailed assessment indicators for each aspect of the competitions. The entire competitions were assessed by experienced judges in the field of English discipline, Ms. Fenti Sofiani S.Pd., M.M, Ms. Tulus Yuniasih, M.Soc.Sc, and Mr. Rizky Eka Prasetya S.Hum., M.Hum.

The winners in this competition consisted of 6 people with each being first and runner-up winners. The Speech Contest winner was Fedora Lola with a final score of 88.22 from the Universitas Indonesia, Eka Ferdiana with a final score of 81.67 from the Universitas Pamulang, and Aprieska Putri Pangestu with marks 81 from Universitas Bina Sarana Informatika. The winner of the Essay Writing Contest was Sania Agustin with a final score of 76.9 from the Universitas Bina Sarana Informatika, Anin Dita Aulia with a final score of 73.8 from the Akademi Sekretari dan Manajemen Lepisi,, and Arietha Aulia Sauzan with a final score of 72.8 from the Akademi Sekretari Budi Luhur.

As the organizer, Director of the Akademi Sekretari Budi Luhur, Ms. Fenti Sofiani S.Pd., M.M appealed to the participants to always improve their ability to communicate, especially in English. This is to become more value and excellence for future professional and reliable secretaries.

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