Community Service Activity by Student Members of the Budi Luhur Academy of Secretary Senate

As a form of caring about the conditions around, the members of the Budi Luhur Academy of Secretary Student Senate held a form of activity that can be useful for the community around by doing dedication to the community at Cikal Mandiri Orphanage on the last May 21, 2017. The orphanage is located in the Bintaro area of ​​South Jakarta, the students were accompanied by Mrs. Margaretha Sri Udari, S.Sos. M.Hum and Mrs. Eny Retnoningrum, S.Kom, M.M as the Lecturer of the Academy.

This activity begins with speeches and introductions from the Senate Members and the Lecturers of the Academy and was continued with greeting from the management of Cikal Mandiri Orphanage. In this dedication, students gave knowledge about making handy craft to the orphans by teaching them to make tissue box and pencil case. Mrs. Margaretha provided material on Filing and correspondence to the Orphanage caretaker. At noon, students and lecturers prayed together with the orphans then followed by lunch. After that, the orphans were given spelling lesson by the students in which they were asked to mention the letters on the word given by the students. Then Mrs. Margaretha told a fairy tale to the children where the story contained a very useful moral message for the children of the orphanage.











In the last session, students give games to the orphanage children, where the children looked very happy to follow the game and the students gave gifts to the children and also the organizer of Cikal Mandiri Orphanage. Before leaving the orphanage, students took a photo together with the lecturers and the management and children of Cikal Mandiri Orphanage.











Student’s member of the Academy Senate and the lecturers hoped that this community service activity can provide useful knowledge and bring attention to the orphans and can perform this activity continuously.


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